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 Recruitment policy

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PostSubject: Recruitment policy   Recruitment policy EmptyFri Jan 26, 2018 3:12 am

Welcome to the Disbanded forums Smile
Please register with your preferred in game grant name as a forum user name.
No more than 9 letters long.
The grant name is placed after your characters name, when you are the guild and forum registered.

On registering to these forums, you should be able to post a topic here to apply for guild.
Placing your in game characters in your forum profile signature will really help us in contacting you in game.

Players on KOS(Kill On Sight) list might not be granted an invite. But we are willing to chat about that.
If you kill steal or harass our guild members, you may already be on this list.

We have two guilds right now for players above level 60 with bot or 50+ with VIP and bot.
If you are below level 60 we have a union you can join where you can progress to 60+ before joining one of the higher guilds.

Thanks and hope to see you soon Wink


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Recruitment policy
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